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Books are the real friends to learners. Our library , the Knowledge centre is with good collection of books.

Our aim is to provide abundant learning opportunities to our children hence we have established a "Knowledge Centre" which has a collection of books,periodicals,newspapers,manuscripts,maps,CDs,cassettes,DVDs,e-books,audio,audio books and other formats. Books are the real friends to learners.Our Knowledge centre is equipped with a good collection of books on literature, Information technology,science activity for students to learn facts by doing relevant activities.Further our school library has well stocked books in English,Tamil and Hindi.All leading newspapers,magazines and periodicals are subscribed and the children are encouraged to read these magazines during their leisure time and also during the regular library hours.Our parents are enrolled as regular members of our school library to make use of the resources available at our school library.

Regular “Book Fair” programs.
Every year a couple of book fair(s) organized with leading book publishers at our school campus. Students are encouraged in reading books of their own choice. M/S scholastic book publishers hosted book air twice at our school during the academic year 2015 – 2016.
Books are lending for students read at home lei surely

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